Lead acquisition agency – Barcelona inbound marketing agency

Lead acquisition strategy

We are specialists in lead acquisition campaigns. Lead acquisition strategies are optimal and we employ exclusive tools to improve conversions.

We use innovative channels and improve results as a result of our powerful know-how in Google Ads and social ads.

We develop landing pages which are an essential part of any company’s digital marketing strategy. The goal on the internet of 80% of companies is to get customer contact details, since most purchases remain reflective and not immediate, in B2B for example.

At IMAGINA we have our own software to create landing pages. These are landing pages adapted to each audience, sector and company. We are experts in web design, user experience and the optimisation of the conversion rate, to constantly increase the success rate.

We also advise and develop customer service strategies, lead nurturing and database management, integrating the process with CRMs.

  • Landing pages: Being a creative agency, we produce impressive landing pages focused on the conversion of the product or service.
  • Lead acquisition: Together with a landing page and its management through Google Ads or social ads, we structure acquisition campaigns with the aim of obtaining potential clients or leads.
  • Lead nurturing: A key element in converting a potential customer to a customer is ‘lead nurturing’, in other words, being able to cultivate the lead in order for them to eventually buy the product.