SEO positioning

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to a set of actions which helps a web page organically appear among the first positions of the results page. At IMAGINA, we are Google Partner, therefore we design websites with a commitment to make them appear among the top positions of Google. As a positioning agency, we make this possible.

In online marketing strategy, it is essential to have optimised SEO and regularly carry out both SEO off page and SEO on page actions. It is equally as important to obtain inbound links through link building strategies and generate them from other pages, forums, blogs or social networks. Designing a website while keeping search engines like Google in mind means taking into account the search engine algorithms.

We create web positioning strategies in Barcelona that combine technical actions at web development level with content strategies that allow us to improve positioning. That is why our SEO services include auditing, optimisation proposals and their subsequent implementation.

We work on the programming of a website to obtain better algorithms ratings that measure the quality of websites.

  • On page SEO, technical and content improvements on the website.
  • Off page SEO, link building strategy and action plan.
  • SEO audit and optimisation plan.