SEM agency Barcelona – We are a Google Partner

We are a Google Partner

As a marketing agency, and thanks to our wide experience with Google Ads (Google AdWords), IMAGINA has been a Google Partner for more than two years. We have managed more than 50,000 keywords and our team takes care of a 3.5-million-euro investment in Ads, from different sectors.

In digital marketing strategy, you have to combine SEO positioning with an effective Google AdWords action plan, bearing all this in mind when developing the web. Search or display campaigns can be launched through AdWords, but Google advertising campaigns are still one of the most effective channels.

Currently, search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the main acquisition channels thanks to its segmentation and measurement advantages. At IMAGINA, we are a Google Partner and we have certified specialists in Google Ads to manage campaigns, learn about the search engine’s algorithm and obtain great results at a lower cost.

SEM positioning: Google AdWords

Advantages of being a Google Partner agency

Search Optimisation: Google promotes our clients. You always have a prominent presence in the search engine and will appear among the first results.

Direct attention: We have direct support from Google professionals, ensuring that each strategy has immediate results and is always optimised.

Innovation: We have beta tools that have not yet hit the market. These allow us to be innovative in format and channel.

Responsibility: We must meet Google’s expectations, and we are always centred on the success of the project.