Content agency: specialists in the production of videos and motion graphics

360° content production

We generate audiovisual content for brands, to create an attractive presence for them on the digital channel. We specialise in creating quality content for the target audience of a brand.

Brands and companies need content marketing strategies which include different types of content to make them appealing. Social media strategy also involves having a content marketing strategy.

A content plan needs to be created, and IMAGINA offers 360° solutions within content production. Among the formats (100% in-house production) are: infographics, GIFs, multimedia Instagram stories, rich multimedia banners, motion graphics and viral videos. We also write content and posts for corporate blogs.

A multidisciplinary team

We provide a team of professionals made up of Creatives (Copywriters), Art Directors and Graphic Designers, who work to adapt and improve the ‘look and feel’ of brands, attracting visitors, business and increasing their visibility.

  • Infographics
  • Instagram
  • Stories
  • GIFs
  • Facebook live
  • Motion graphics